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Labeling for past and current National Electric Code books is something that all PV Solar Installations need.  We carry a variety of labels that are required including the most recent red reflective one for wires & conduit.  Prices do vary.

Email us at for an order form.

 Back 10 years or so, Ken needed a quick NEC reference for PV Solar installations.  He started with just a sheet of the 690 references and then expanded that for the 2008 NEC.  This laminated, double sided reference sheet is now in demand by both installers and inspectors.

Current NEC Sheet - $ 20

Past NEC Sheets - $ 10

When Ken Thames started writing his own material for his class, he thought of a booklet that could be published.  This booklet is in the copyright stage and hopefully will be available soon.




-  Cost of the book is $ 80 plus shipping, handling, taxes

-  What people have said about Ken's classes, hence the book

"Ken's program was a perfect balance between educational material and instructor experience"    Dennis Pace University

"I took the 40-hour Advanced PV Class.  I can't tell you how many times a light bulb has gone off and how much the quality of my O & M service has increased."  Chris Curri

"I've been using the workbook for a lot of different customers."  Larry Keogh, Oasis Montana

2017 NEC   $ 20

2014 NEC   $ 10

2011 NEC   $ 10

" We were very pleased both with the installation itself and with the creativity needed to design our complex system.  [grid-tied with battery back-up]    Jeery Leenheer, customer

- One type freezes your muscles to the wire and the other knocks you away.

- Electricians, Inspectors, and Fire Departments are always surprised at the answer.