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Labeling for past and current National Electric Code books is something that all PV Solar Installations need.  We carry a variety of labels that are required including the most recent red reflective one for wires & conduit.  Prices do vary.

Email us at for an order form.

 Back 10 years or so, Ken needed a quick NEC reference for PV Solar installations.  He started with just a sheet of the 690 references and then expanded that for the 2008 NEC.  This laminated, double sided reference sheet is now in demand by both installers and inspectors.

Current NEC Sheet - $ 20

Past NEC Sheets - $ 10

When Ken Thames started writing his own material for his class, he thought of a booklet that could be published.  This booklet is in the copyright stage and hopefully will be available soon.

Labels – Your system will need labels and we have them.


Tool Box Sheet – The tool is used across the US and is Ken’s own design.                     The Tool Box Sheet is a cheat sheet that walks you through NEC-Codes. 


    Ken is known for his Trouble Shooting Skills.  Contact him for questions that you have.

Why do we put "call for pricing"?  We take pride in that fact we can customize

anything.  This means that your needs are unique and so is the pricing.

The following are items that we offer.

Batteries - Off-Grid application


Battery cables – We offer custom cables.  If you need it, we can make it.

Battery Box – That is right..even battery box, make of wood or medal,

                          with venting.

MC Cables – Any end or any length you need.

Misc. parts – Everything from Weebs to flashings and yes bolts to L-feet.


Commissioning – Ken has consulted and taught all across the nation and is still will to share his knowledge with you.  Trouble shooting PV systems is what this man lives for.