Thames Solar Electric
Putting 34 years experience to solar

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Ken received Master Electrician's license in 1981.  He used his Engineering degree as he worked on explosion proof wiring for gas stations.  In 1996, he became interested in Photovoltaic Solar Electric Systems.  He became NACEP PV Installer Professional in 2006 and earned his IREC Independent Master Trainer in 2010.  Ken has been designing and installing PV Solar Electrical Systems since 1997.  Ken has been teaching PV Solar across the country since 2005 and now his classes are On-Line.

 Virginia the person who turns Ken's pencil drawings into One-Line drawings for Permit applications.  She is the one that has pulled Ken's written material together for power point presentations, On-line submittal and drawing for the various classes.
 Virginia does the ordering of equipment and accounts receivable.      
Donna is the disembodied voice on the phone.  She is the first contact that people have with the company.  She handles accounts payable.       

Ken Thames, comes from a land far, far away…Oregon.  His first degree is in engineering.  When it was clear that Ken was not going to follow in his brothers' footsteps, he became a Master Electrician in 1981.  In 1995 Ken was the top of his field wiring gas stations doing explosion proof wiring.  Although this was dangerous work it was very fulfilling. Dangerous work can do that to a person.  So, he decided to retire.

     This lasted about two weeks.  While on vacation with wife, Donna, he wondered off a tour, to check out a solar array going up.  This would launch him into the top of a new field.   Ken is now the 'Go to Guy' for Off-Grid PV system and Solar Training.   He teaches out of his own shop, across the country since 2005, and On-line.

Donna, also, comes from colorful Colorado.  At the University of Northern Colorado she studied dance and education.  Donna is now the disembodied voice answering the phone at Thames Solar.  She is the first contact that people have with the company and keeps Ken's head on straight.

Virginia, hails from the eastern plans of Colorado.  Growing up in the best state ever gives her the outlook of a true pioneer.  Her heart lives for arts, painting, sculptor and blowup inflatable.  However, there is very little money in this, unless you cut a body part.

    So this lead her to bookkeeping and payroll and now web site design.  Her computer skills are put to the test while working with Ken, on his classes and text book which was released in late 2013.  One-Line drawings are what she excels and doesn't have to cut off her ear to do it.




Joe Thames - local lad - worked as an Apprentice Electrician doing explosion proof wiring for gas station.  Joined the Army doing 2 tours in Iraq doing satellite communications and trouble shooting of said systems.  After returning home, Joe took up solar installations with his father, became a Master Electrician, is NABCEP Certified, and is the company's Electrical Contractor rep.