Thames Solar Electric
Putting 37 years experience to solar

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     Residential Solar

Thames Solar will design, install and services your solar system needs. It may seem like all companies would offer this.  Sadly, this is not the case. 

       Grid Tied - utility usage


If you have power already but are looking to improve your utility bill.  This is the way to go.   How does it work?  A solar array goes up on your home or in your yard.  The array sends DC power down into a inverter, were it is changed into AC power.  One of two things can happen at this point.  You use that power or it is pushed back on to the grid and you receive credit for it, from your utility.

       Off Grid - no utility

This is where your home is not on the grid.  You will have an array, which might be on a barn or pole or even the side of the hill.  This array will feed a battery bank and also has a generator to support your home at night.  Yes, we install Kohler generators, too. 

     Commercial Solar

Thames Solar can review design plans and commission a commercial solar installation.  It works just like Grid Tied and it can cut costs of your business electricity. 

     Can we do it?  

Not only are we certified in solar PV installation by NABCEP, both Ken and Joe are Master Electricians.  Ken is a past IREC Master Trainer. We are the company that other companies come to when things don't work.

     Bottom Line

Customer Satisfaction, this should go without saying, however, I’m going to say it anyway. We are not in this for the money.  We do it for the love of it.  If your system fails, we will fix it.  If you need an upgrade, we will upgrade it.

We put 37 years of experience to Solar