Guidelines for Commissioning PV Systems

Why Commissioning?

1. Formalize quality control of installed PV System                      

2. Ensures safety and high performance                                      

3. Encourages integrators to be responsible for their installation

4. Facilitates project close out and prompt payment                  

Resulting in:  1) Satisfied installers, employers and system owners -

2) Satisfied customers become repeat customers and lead to new clients

Commissioning is:

1.  Essential to the growth of the PV Industry                                                                               

2.  Essential to installing more renewable energy systems                                                              

3.  "A quality-oriented process for achieving, verifying and documenting that the performance of

facilities, systems and assemblies meet defined objectives and criteria."

Basic Tasks of Commissioning

*  Verify that applicable equipment and systems are installed according to the contract documents,

manufacturer's recommendations and industry accepted minimum standards.    

*  Verify that installing contractors perform adequate operation checkout.                                      

*  Verify and document proper performance of equipment and systems.                                         

-- Calculate expected performance                                                    

-- Measure actual performance                                                        

*  Verify that the operations and maintenance (O & M) documentation left on-site is complete.    

*  Verify that the owner's operating personnel are adequately trained.                                          

Who Does Commissioning?

*  Not the installing contractor                                                                                      

*  Should represent the system owner                                                                           

*  Act in it's own interest without conflict                                                                        

*  Should not be inclined towards a cursory process with a guaranteed positive outcome.



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