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 - I had taken Ken's 3 Day Boot Camp before and this 40 hour class still had more information.

-  I took Ken's class at ACC and am now a leader installer for a Colorado company.

-  The program was a perfect balance between educational material and instructor experience.  Dennis, Pace University

 - I am taking the 40 Hour Advanced PV Class.  I can't tell you how many times a light bulb has gone off and how much the quality of my O & M service has increased.  Chris Curri




Ken Thames is working on only specific content for classes at this time.

Please contact Thames Solar Electric for availability at:


Ken is working on class content for Electrical Inspectors.  This class will cover calculations for solar design and code issues regarding design, installation, and rapid shut-off.  There will be a section batteries, or energy storage as the buzz words go.  The topics do cover the job analysis laid out by NABCEP.

Continuing Education Credits is another specific content class.  This course will cover the National Electric Code and how it affects design and installations.  You will learn how to coordinate your inverter with your array, design for conductor ampacity & load and line issues.  This course will show the difference in application between Grid-tied and Off-Grid battery storage.


"I had taken Ken's 3-Day PV Boot Camp before and his 40 hour Advanced PV Class still had more information"

"I took Ken's PV II Class at Arapahoe Community College and am now a lead installer for a Colorado company.